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Bamboo Ladle

Bamboo ladle for Water Basin

A bamboo ladle for use with a stone water basin or bamboo fountain, the ladle is placed on or near the water basin for cleansing the hands and mouth with water as an act of purifying the mind and body .Cup size 65dia (2.5") with a 400mm(15.5) bamboo shaft, lacquered finish. An essential piece of any Japanese garden.

Ref: JGS-LAD002

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Bamboo ladle for tea ceremony (cha-no-yu)

A delicate high quality bamboo ladle as used in ceremony in the tea house (chashitsu) the specially shaped cup 55x50mm is hand finished in natural bamboo, the ladle shaft is hand shaped at the back to form an elegant tapering shaft 350mm (13.75") an authentic traditional Japanese tea ladle, ideal for both practical or ornamental use.

Ref: JGS-LAD001

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